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A sniper game with a postapocalyptic narrative with modern elements like skyscraper and unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) commonly known as drones.


While our society grows bigger and the buildings grow taller there is one still keeping our traditions. Surviving with old crafts. This game is showing you the world. You can see how the one protects the machines which dispatch supplies. And it is 2020, we cannot go out, so we have to rely on the machines as our only way to transport resources.... and since these machines are the only ones with access to food: the enemy is not just dangerous for our system, but also life.

How to Play

Touch or click the level to aim and lift up to shoot. If you want to have rewards shot on the enemy's UAV. Your job is to identify them, to protect the parcel delivery system. To win you have to see which UAV look, sound or behave suspiciously.

Try out the shooting mechanics and clear the game world from the enemy's UAVs while watching how drone delivery will look like...

I am currently working on a map with much more buildings which you can see in the photo of Kowloon City, on individual stories for the enemy's UAV, the audio, UI and UX.


RaisinHunter.apk 19 MB

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